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Keeping Your Workforce Healthy
A Healthier Workforce Is A Healthier Business
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Bringing Healthcare To You
Our physicians, healthcare specialists and the entire Hermes Health Sciences team are laser focused on your health and wellness. We offer an array of specialized care and services. These include onsite care,event care, embedded onsite care, and mobile care.
COVID Fighting
Health & Wellness
We offer the most advanced scientific laboratory and genetic testing available on the planet matched with our highly sophisticated supportive health technologies to help make being healthier. . . simpler and easier. Diagnostic testing ranges from PCR and Neutralizing Antibodies testing to fight COVID to a select suite of Health and Wellness tests aimed to improve both quality of life.
Healthcare Brought To You
Our physicians, healthcare specialists and the entire Hermes Health Sciences team are laser focused on your health and wellness. We offer an array of specialized care and services. These include onsite care,event care, embedded onsite care, and mobile care.
Modernizing Healthcare for Business
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Fighting COVID w/qPCR

A Healthy Workforce Through PCR Testing

PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) testing remains the gold standard of accuracy in detecting the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 (and variants) in the human body. We offer a number of programs designed to make testing your workforce easy and simple with a minimum of disruption to business.
PCR testing options include on-site collection, embedded site management and collection, event testing, and home test kit collection.
ANTIGEN: In addition to our PCR laboratory testing we offer an onsite Antigen testing solution with convenient turnaround times.
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Fighting COVID w/Neutralizing Antibodies Testing

A Healthy Workforce Through NAb Testing

Neutralizing Antibodies Testing provides important data far beyond a positive or negative COVID test. Here are a few examples:

• Assesses multiple antibody types against multiple SARS-CoV-2 antigens

• High sensitivity profile has 10 measures for a complete picture of an individuals immune response*

• Detects the level of antibodies from either a natural infection or a vaccine

• Workforce monitoring for COVID-19 antigens is highly effective 

• Provides a 30/60/90 day look back AND forward as a predictor of effectiveness against future variants

• Save time and money with less frequent COVID-19 PCR testing

• Keep employees safer by identifying those employees most at risk

• Knowing which antibodies are present provides actionable data to base
business decisions and individual health decisions upon

• Can help business populations or travelers know their risk(s) of exposure

• Actionable advice means knowing if/when additional precautions are warranted**

• Minimize lost time and wages for employees with less frequent quarantines

• Physician Telehealth consultation included with Hermes Health Sciences
for interpretation of NAb testing 

* Developed from the highly sensitive organ transplant medical industry

**Knowing the type and strength of antigen(s) means knowing a worker immune status.

Hermes Health Sciences
Health & Wellness Testing
A Healthy Workforce Through Health & Wellness Testing
Manage Costs w/Better Healthcare

The type and quality of healthcare data available to us today is unmatched in history. Health and wellness data at the DNA level allows and individual and their physician to better determine a care plan that can have significant positive impacts upon a person’s life. Early detection can mean prevention or better management of a disease not to mention costs savings. This can go a long way to help both the patient and a business looking to manage healthcare costs.

Following are just a few of the Health and Wellness diagnostics tests Hermes Health Sciences can provide you and your workforce.

Discover your Type 2 Diabetes genetic risk and receive recommendations based upon your body’s genetic profile. Early detection or risks allows for prevention or better management of the disease. Better management can help prevent the disease from progressing into further cardiovascular heart disease.

Results include an indication of LOW, MEDIUM, or HIGH risk for Type 2 Diabetes.


AllergyWise offers advanced genetic allergy testing to help you better understand how our body may be predisposed to generate certain reactions to common medications or outside stimuli. Our laboratory testing provides you and your physician with diagnostic level results.

Blood drawn allergy testing means patients have NO RISK of a severe reaction with no need to stop regular medication use which is necessary for a skin test.

Continue using your medication(s) without interruption, and medications can be tailored to both your body’s metabolism and the specific allergen.


CardioWise advanced Lipid testing provides you and your physician with a comprehensive view of our heart’s function. Among other things inflammation and advanced risk markers can be detected, such as App B: App A-1 Ratio. These are risk markers for detecting risk of future cardiovascular disease.

Identify  your current health status, identify clinical and hereditary risks, take appropriate steps toward health and wellness.

COVID-19 Testing

PharmaWise offers Pharmacogenomics testing which allows you and your physician to better understand how your body processes or reacts to medications at the genetic level. Learn how our body metabolizes certain medications so that a targeted treatment plan can be used.

With one simple test, physicians can help develop a safe care plan using medications AND doses that are effective for you based upon your genetic make-up.  Save time, money, and aggravation while taking the medication roulette guesswork out of your care.

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At Hermes Health Sciences, we focus our caring people, medical science testing, and sophisticated supportive technologies for the benefit of your health and wellbeing.
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