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COVID-19 RT-PCR Self-Collection Kit
COVID-19 Self-Collection Testing
Please carefully read and follow all directions to ensure your specimen can be successfully processed. Learn How To Collect, Pack, and Ship Your Sample.
Hermes Health Sciences
Step 1: Prep your test environment
  • Maintain 6 feet from  others in a well ventilated area
  • Use a clear and clean workspace.
  • Layout a prepare all paperwork and shipping materials before performing test.
Step 2: Blow nose and wash hands*
  • Remove nasal swab from wrapper by pulling ends apart
  • Be careful to only touch swab handle, not swab soft tip

*Blowing your nose is not necessary for sample collection. Please also note that it may not be appropriate to blow your nose in settings where others could be exposed to viral particles released in this process. Please follow the instructions of your healthcare provider.

Step 3: Open nasal swab
  • Remove the nasal swab from the wrapper by pulling the ends of the wrapper apart (like you would do to open a band-aid).
  • Be careful to only touch the swab handle, not the tip.
Step 4: Swab nose
  •  Insert entire swab soft tip into one nostril until you feel a bit of resistance (less than 1 inch into nostril for most adults)
  •  Using medium pressure, rub swab slowly in circular motion around inside wall of nostril four times for 15 seconds per nostril
  •  Swab should be touching inside wall of nostril through each rotation
  • Repeat process with same swab in other nostril
Step 5: Place swab inside tube
  • While holding swab, open the tube.
  • Put swab soft tip first into tube
  • Break off swab end and discard
  • Tightly screw cap back onto tube
  • Wash hands (same as in step 2)
Step 6: Place tube inside biohazard bag
  • Place pre-printed label LENGTHWISE on tub
  • Place swab tube in clear biohazard bag in compartment containing absorbent material.
  • Close and seal clear biohazard bag and place inside CUUR BOX to protect against damage in transit.
Hermes Health Sciences
Step 7: Ship sample SAME DAY by 12:00 PM
  • Affix adhesive pre-paid shipping label over shipping label (Feel free to use clear tape to secure label and secure contents of the BOX)
  • IMPORTANT: Take a picture of FEDEX label(s) for tracking purposes (including loss of sample)
  • Take BOX to nearby FedEx shipping facility and drop by 12:00 PM on the same day as collection day.
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