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Neutralizing Antibodies testing is available for Workforce monitoring of COVID infection both current or predictive of future risk(s).
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*Reflex: Influenza testing can be performed on positive COVID samples.
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Our team of experts can develop onsite, event, or personal testing programs to fit every situation.
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We are a service-based Health & Wellness organization focused upon keeping you and those your are responsible for… Healthy. We can design a testing program for every need. Type of testing, frequency, location of collection, and how the tests are collected can all be tailored for your success.
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Hermes Health Sciences’ is a service oriented Health & Wellness company focused on improving patient, provider and facility healthcare outcomes for Infectious Disease. Our advanced, proprietary solution combines technology, diagnostics, data management, decision platforms and outcomes analysis utilizing Telehealth and other platforms to bring you the best possible healthcare experience. 


Diagnostic-Level Laboratory Testing Benefits

Key Components of Hermes Health Sciences’ Diagnostics Solution:

• Diagnostics with Extreme Sensitivity and Specificity 

• Comprehensive Sample Types Including Complicated Biofilms

• Rapid Results in Hours Rather than Days

• Actionable Results to Drive Targeted Treatment Decisions

• Decreased Potential for Human Error

• Fully Integrated IT and Data Outcomes Analyses

• Regulatory and Compliance Protocols

• CLIA Quality Standards

• Pharmacy and Experienced ID Expert Advice

• Ongoing Training and Continuing Education 

• Reduce Inappropriate Antimicrobial Use and Spread of Resistance

• Research and Development to Drive Future Innovation

Testing Accuracy

Hermes Health Sciences’ laboratory testing provides superior sensitivity and specificity to identify pathogens, such as COVID-19, using qPCR DNA and RNA level sequencing, resulting in extreme accuracy and diagnosis within hours. We utilize industry leading technologies and our labs hold the appropriate CLIA accreditations.

COVID-19 Testing & The Variants

DNA level testing

Real-Time Quantitative PCR

Real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) is a scalable, automated technique that allows for the simultaneous identification and quantification of the microbes present in patient samples.  

This is achieved by using pathogen specific probes that bind to their “target” species. Through subsequent cycles of PCR amplification, relative fluorescence shows the precise measure of the target amplicon at each cycle. This quantification is highly accurate even at very low levels of infectious organisms, which
can reflex for further identification of which antibiotic resistance genes are or may be present. 

qPCR offers a linear dynamic range of detection – from as little as ten to as many as several hundred million copies of a pathogen in a sample. Both amplification and detection occur in a single reaction, eliminating post-PCR manipulations, reducing testing time to hours instead of days.  

Fluorescence chemistry-based methods have revolutionized molecular diagnostics, with quantitative PCR (qPCR) being heralded as the new “gold standard” for viral load quantification and detection of bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens.

The Hermes Health Sciences qPCR panel assays are based on 5’ nuclease chemistry, which uses a fluorogenic probe to enable the detection of a target-specific PCR product as it accumulates during PCR.

Each individual assay contains a pair of unlabeled primers, a probe with a FAM™ or VIC™ dye label on the 5’ end, and a minor groove binder (MGB) and nonfluorescent quencher (NFQ) on the 3’ end. The figure below depicts the amplification process into steps.