Hermes Health Sciences

Hermes Health Sciences
Healthier Made Simpler & Easier. At Home.
With Your Help
Patients Fulfill Healthcare Needs from the Safety, Privacy, and Comfort of Their Home

Hermes Health Sciences’ qPCR laboratory testing is based upon Primary Care Physician (PCP) orders. PCP, patient, and family remain informed through cloud-based online testing results platforms that make access to health information easy and convenient.

Together we form an alliance like no other.
  • Patients fulfill healthcare needs from the safety, privacy, and comfort of home

  • Enhance the caregiver and company relationship with patients and their families

  • Help improve quality of patient care and outcomes

  • Accelerate access to physician and diagnostics to help expedite patient care

  • Strengthen relationships of provider and payor partners

  • Potential to reduce costs by augmenting caregiver wages

  • Concierge mobile Phlebotomy services

At-Home Tests Examples:
Stay-at-home Healthcare allows seniors many conveniences with access to the highest level of care available today.