Hermes Health Sciences

Hermes Health Sciences
Hermes Health Sciences
Hermes Health Sciences’ physicians, healthcare specialists and our whole team are laser focused on your health and wellness. We offer an array of specialized care including:

—  Abundant access to an incredible group of experienced physicians

—  Through the convenience and privacy of Telehealth with cloud-based results platform – HermesConnect

—  The world’s most advanced diagnostic tools available, including Next-Generation  Sequencing (NGS), PCR, and a comprehensive suite of advanced wellness testing. We provide patients the knowledge to make “healthier” simpler and easier.

Healthier Made Simpler. Easier.

We make healthier simpler, because we know how confusing healthcare and medical tests can be. You have so much more information available at your fingertips today than just a year ago. There are so many health groups with so many messages. 

The average time a patient in the U.S. spends with a physician is between 13 and 24 minutes. About 1 in 4 spend less than 12 minutes. At Hermes Health Sciences we allow up to an hour with each patient to ensure you have your questions answer and receive the highest level of care.

Life Gets Busy

We make healthier easier, because we know schedules can get complicated. Schedules get so busy, in fact, we even let our health take back seat to less important things in life.

Hermes Health Sciences has assembled a world-class group of caring healthcare specialists and provided them with the most advanced scientific diagnostic testing and technical tools available today – all focused to help you get the health and wellness care you want.

We are focused on your health and wellbeing.

Together We Go

Our Hermes Health Sciences healthcare specialists put you in control of your Heath. And along the way, we help you raise your HealthWise IQ – that is, what you know about you at a scientific and genetic level.

Together, we can help you learn and understand your current state of health, possible health risks you may face, how your body reacts to allergens or metabolizes medications, and determine the best path forward for your health and wellbeing – according to your body.